Saravanan Shanmugam, Dhivya Sivaraj, Bruno dos Santos Lima, Paula dos Passos Menezes, Yasmim Maria Barbosa Gomes de Carvalho, Adriano Antunes de Souza Araújo, Narendra Narain, Mairim Russo Serafini, Lucindo José Quintans Júnior, Luciana Scotti, Marcus Tulius Scotti, Thangaraj Parimelazhagan
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Volume 88, April 2017, Pages 1114-1121
Publication year: 2017

The hepatoprotective effect of P. leschenaultii. (DC) leaves was investigated in rats under paracetamol induced oxidative stress. Leaf acetone extract (200 and 400 mg/kg) were administered daily via gavage for 14 days before paracetamol (2000 mg/kg, p.o.) treatment. After the experiment, the levels of serum biochemical parameters and enzymatic antioxidant levels were determined. Furthermore, liver tissues were analyzed histopathologically. Additionally, the molecular docking studies of the identified compounds against PXR and FXR proteins were also performed. The assessment revealed that the acetone extract significantly reduced the elevated levels of SGPT, SGOT and ALP in serum. Moreover, the enzymatic antioxidants such as SOD, CAT and LPO were also retained normally by the plant extract. From histopathological analysis, it was clearly evident that the cellular architecture of plant extract treated rat liver tissues were not affected by the paracetamol induction at the higher dose. The results of docking studies also revealed that the identified compounds showed steric interactions (between nonpolar atoms) with amino acid groups. Collectively, the present study suggests that P. leschenaultii leaves extractprotects the liver from paracetamol induced hepatic damage.

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